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What is a Smart Repair?

Minor cosmetic damage to car bodywork such as scuffs, dents, and scratches are unsightly and devalue the resale price of the vehicle.

A private car owner, reseller or fleet organisation will want to get the damage repaired. Smart Auto Fix™ now makes this affordable for all car owners with this revolutionary vehicle repair system.

BMW scratched bumper, door scratch – until now, using conventional methods, even the smallest repair has been expensive and time-consuming, with the average body shop repair costing £350-£450. The whole panel had to be repainted in a specialist body repair shop and the vehicle was out of use for 2 to 3 days. The innovative and unique repair system allows repairs to be undertaken on just the damaged area, rather than the whole panel. This allows for a quick and cost-effective solution to minor cosmetic vehicle damage, without compromising on work quality. With Smart Auto Fix™ the repairs are completed for an affordable price.

Smart Auto Fix™ offers convenience by going directly to the customer’s home or workplace to carry out the repairs from a mobile workshop on site. As such, your customers don‘t have to waste time with unnecessary courtesy vehicles, or leave their car in a body shop for several days.

As far more individual car owners learn about the time and money-saving advantages of the Smart Auto Fix™ repair service as a practical alternative to a body shop, your business growth rate will continue to increase rapidly.

With perfect repairs and a lifetime guarantee, Smart™ Auto Fix makes this service the intelligent choice for the motorist.

What can be Smart Repaired?

If your car, van, caravan or lorry has the following damage to its body work or paint work;

  • small dents and creases
  • flaking paint
  • bumper scuffs and scrapes
  • vandal scratches
  • textured plastic exterior trim

Then be sure to contact Smart Auto Fix™ technician – Andy Withers on 07973 313 057

See below for before and after images of a scratch repair. Click and drag the slider to show the whole image.